Punjab Registration System

The Board of Revenue (BoR) in Punjab has announced the implementation of e-registration, also known as the Electronic Deed Registration System, in a meeting presided over by Nabeel Javed, the Senior Member Board of Revenue (SMBoR) of the province. The system aims to simplify property registration and provide convenience to residents.

To kickstart the implementation, officers’ e-registration training will commence in Lahore on 28 April and continue until 15 May in all divisional headquarters across Punjab. The training will be attended by relevant officers from the districts, and the e-registration and transfer of property deeds will start in Sahiwal on 1 May.

The introduction of e-registration will bring various benefits to residents, including the ability to apply for property registration online from the comfort of their own homes and receive an online copy of their record. Additionally, the openness of the system will minimize the need for residents to visit multiple offices. However, those who wish to buy or sell property through e-registration will still need to appear in front of a sub-registrar of the corresponding district or tehsil to record their remarks.

The IT system will monitor individuals who obstruct citizens, ensuring transparency in the process. BoR officers, commissioners, and deputy commissioners will also monitor sub-registrars on a daily basis via the e-registration site.

The use of e-registration is expected to simplify the property registration process and provide residents with convenience and ease. It is a significant step towards digitizing government services and making them accessible to citizens online.

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