In order to ensure the safety of Pakistani businesses, Titanium, a RapidCompute’s security wing has introduced a Independence Day Security Hotline on WhatsApp.

Companies are at a risk of security breach or cyber attacks as soon as the month of August arrives. This hotline will directly connect customers with qualified experts who will then suggest a customized solution according to the situation.

These tailored solutions will help organizations deal with security threats in a proactive manner and recover in no time.

Titanium is equipped to deal with any potential security risk this independence day. They gave the industry insight and knowledge. They have a strong cyber security infrastructure and the right professionals for this matter.

For more information, contact them on WhatsApp UAN: 92-21-111-125-683.

Follow these simple steps to enroll and start using this Hotline.

  • Step 1.
  • Save Rapid’s UAN Number
  • Step 2
  • Say “Hi” to this contact
  • 12
  1. ↩︎
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Step 3

Say “Yes” when prompted to confirm

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