Rishi Sunak wins the Conservative Party leadership race and is set to become the next UK PM. The development follows weeks of turmoil; Sunak will be the third British premier in two months after Boris Johnson and Liz Truss resigned.

Rishi Sunak was the only person formally nominated to become the Conservative leader, meaning the planned week-long contest no longer needed to continue. Instead, Sunak will spend Monday preparing to take over at Downing Street. That will happen after outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss visits King Charles III to formally resign. Charles will accept her resignation, and then welcome Sunak for a meeting and ask him to form a government.

Truss, who replaced Boris Johnson, lasted 44 days in the job to Sunak: ‘You have my full support’, said in her tweet.

“Congratulations @RishiSunak on being appointed as Leader of the Conservative Party and our next Prime Minister,” Truss said on Twitter. “You have my full support.”

Labour MP says in a tweet that Sunak has ‘no mandate, no answers and no ideas’

Opposition Labour Party MP Angela Rayner has questioned Sunak’s appointment as the Conservative Party’s new leader, saying he has “no mandate, no answers, and no ideas”, and called for the public to have their say at a general election.

“The Tories have crowned Rishi Sunak without him saying a word about what he would do as PM,” Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, tweeted.

“He has no mandate, no answers and no ideas. Nobody voted for this. The public deserve their say on Britain’s future through a General Election. It’s time for a fresh start with Labour.”

Rishi Sunak becoming the PM of the United Kingdom is quite big news all over the world. From experienced politicians to the general public, everyone has different perspectives.

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