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Social media went crazy yesterday when the news of model and actor Saeeda Imtiaz’s death was posted from her official Facebook and verified Instagram accounts.

The posts said that the actor was “found dead in her room.” However, the actor has come back and posted a video to clear the air. She said, “My official statement. After all that I went through, I’ am drained out at the moment.”

The actor explained everything in the video and told her followers that how this fake news has impacted her family as they do not live here. The Tamasha Ghar actor introduced herself in the video and said that she is completely fine.

I have to state with a lot of disappointment that when I woke up today, I received many messages,” she said. “I, myself, did not understand what had happened to me. It was very shocking. It was a very worrying situation for my family because they do not live here. My siblings, and mother panicked and I started receiving calls. I didn’t know what I should say.”

Imtiaz further elaborated, “My Facebook and Instagram accounts were hacked as they were linked. I don’t understand – I understand to the extent where people tease you, and bully you – but to hurt someone to this extent, where their family is affected, and the person is mentally affected – this is not right. You never know what the other person is going through already in their life and to mentally torture someone – I was just crying. My family was visited by people to see if I was fine or not because no one knew what was happening.”

She also said, “I will find out who hacked my account and I’ll make sure I take action against them. May God do better for you and give you guidance.”

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