[Karachi, 3rd Sept, 2021] The second day of Young Leaders’ Conference (YLC) on Thursday was all about emotional and mental well-being of the adolescent brains against the backdrop of coronavirus pandemic that has given rise to the psychological problems all over the world due to prolonged lockdown regimes.

The theme of the day was “Developmental Leadership-ALMIYA” as Waqar Ali was one of the keynote speakers of the day. The day started with an energizing session, briefing on the upcoming proceedings, and giving a wrap-up of the proceedings of the day one of the YLC.

The topics discussed during the proceedings included inclusiveness, psychological well-being, emotional intelligence, and mental health of the youth.

The proceedings of the day were conducted with strict adherence to the government-prescribed standard operating procedures against the spread of coronavirus.

The participants of the YLC were informed that Developmental Leadership is all about expanding one’s mind-set. It empowers us to come together and have difficult conversations, regarding subjects that may be considered taboo in our society, with an open mind and a greater will to understand.

With 64 per cent of Pakistan’s population comprising the youth, it is imperative that we address matters of emotional, physical and social well-being with great importance.

From mental health to social hygiene and from sustainable development to climate change, it is our responsibility to grow and take initiative, said the speakers of the day two of YLC.

The goal of the day was to develop a growth mind-set and get a conversation started among the participants. Even though our cultural roots encourage us to be accepting, it is often done only when convenient. With a day specifically about Developmental Leadership, the organizers hoped to equip the youth with tools to be informed about the world around them, empathize with others and encourage them to promote growth within and in the communities around them.

Other important speakers of the day included Nisha Rao and Taha Sabir who spoke on the issue of emotional intelligence.

Different sessions of the day were held on the topics of inclusive communities, self-defence, emergency medical services, sign language, emotional intelligence and its impact on mental health, defining fears instead of goals.

The day also had Asad Ibrahim’s session. He helped the participants understand the meaning of Alif on a spiritual level. He also did a meditation with the participants to make them feel relaxed and calm.

The day ended with Waqar Ali’s activity titled “Your dinner is locked until…”

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