Secret Daesh Plot to Unleash Chaos in Tehran - You Won't Believe What Happened Next

Iranian security forces have apprehended 28 individuals with ties to the Daesh extremist group for orchestrating a plot to target Tehran during the anniversary of last year’s protests, according to the intelligence ministry’s announcement on Sunday.

The protests were triggered by the tragic death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd who was taken into custody on September 16, 2022, allegedly for violating the country’s strict dress code for women.

During a series of coordinated operations across Tehran, Alborz, and West Azerbaijan provinces in recent days, authorities successfully raided several terrorist bases and hideouts, leading to the arrest of 28 members affiliated with the terrorist network.

These individuals are believed to be part of Daesh’s professional crime network, with some having a history of associating with takfiri groups in Syria and engaging in activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Kurdistan region of Iraq. In Iran, “takfiri” typically refers to extremists or advocates of radical Sunni Islam.

The intelligence ministry reported that two security personnel sustained injuries during the arrest operations. Additionally, a cache of explosives, firearms, suicide vests, and communication devices were seized.

Furthermore, the authorities disclosed that they had thwarted a sinister plan to execute 30 simultaneous terrorist attacks in densely populated areas of Tehran. The objective was to destabilize security, incite riots, and provoke protests on the anniversary of last year’s demonstrations.

These protests, which spanned several months, resulted in numerous casualties, including the deaths of many security personnel. The Iranian government referred to these events as “riots” incited by foreign governments and “hostile media.”

In a separate development, a Tajik Daesh member was recently sentenced to death for his involvement in a deadly gun attack on a Shiite Muslim shrine in August. The attack, which occurred at the Shah Cheragh mausoleum in Shiraz, Fars province, came less than a year after a mass shooting at the same location, which was subsequently claimed by the Daesh group.

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