Pakistan is shining bright with innovation! Seven inspiring young Pakistanis have been recognized in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2024 list. These individuals are making waves across various industries, shaping the future of business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Breaking Barriers and Building Dreams

The Forbes list honors 300 exceptional young leaders under 30, showcasing their achievements in ten key categories. From art and technology to social impact and finance, these individuals are pushing boundaries and redefining success. Pakistan joins a diverse group of 21 countries represented on the list, with seven brilliant Pakistanis making their mark.

Meet the Changemakers

  • Aleena Nadeem (EduFi): This MIT graduate is passionate about education. Her Lahore-based startup, EduFi, offers a “Study Now, Pay Later” solution, making university education more accessible for Pakistani students. Partnering with colleges, EduFi helps students finance their studies and repay loans conveniently.
  • Bushra Sultan (Artist): Based in Lahore, Bushra Sultan is a multi-talented artist – filmmaker, creative director, and production designer. Using her creative voice, she tackles social issues, particularly those affecting women in Pakistan. Her work, including the “Guria” campaign for Demesne Couture, sparks important conversations.
  • Sarkhail Shahid Bawany (ABHI): Leading the product team at Abhi, a Pakistani fintech company, Sarkhail is making a difference in the lives of workers. Abhi’s innovative platform allows employees to access a portion of their salary before payday for emergencies. This B2B2C model empowers workers and has expanded to the Middle East and Bangladesh.
  • Kasra Zunnaiyyer (Trukkr): The co-founder and CTO of Trukkr, Kasra is transforming Pakistan’s logistics sector. This Karachi-based startup’s software offers a one-stop solution for logistics companies, allowing them to manage finances, track fleets, and connect with customers.
  • Adeel Abid, Aizaz Nayyer, and Ali Raza (Linkstar): This trio from Karachi co-founded Linkstar, a platform empowering freelancers. Linkstar provides free portfolio websites with upgrade options, giving freelancers a platform to showcase their skills. They also offer online courses for professional development. Notably, in 2023, Linkstar acquired Oliv, a Dubai-based platform connecting companies with young talent.

These young leaders are not only inspiring but also paving the way for a brighter future for Pakistan and the entire Asia-Pacific region. Their innovative ideas and dedication are making a real difference in the world.

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