Shab e Barat is a bid’ah, and neither a holiday nor a particular act of devotion is to be carried out in the middle of Shaban or in the final days of the month. Please review the entire responsibility for further information.

Shab e-Barat is a public holiday in Pakistan?

Shab e-Barat 2023 Islamic date
Shab e Barat is commemorated on the 15th night of Sha’ban, which is the eighth month in the Islamic calendar.

In Pakistan, Muslims would remain up late to offer special night prayers and recite the Quran till dawn. Also, they would go to the graves to beg for their families’ pardons who passed away. During Shab e-Barat, aid is also given to those in need.

The origins and meaning of Shab e-Barat
It is thought that Allah, the Almighty, would decide everyone’s fate and sustenance for the coming year during the Shab e-Barat night.

Because of this, Shab e-Barat is a night full of benefits for all Muslims and has particular customs that Muslims must follow:

  1. Tasqeem-e-umur: triumph and defeat, joy and sorrow, death and birth.
  2. Faizaan e Bakhshish: the act of pardoning
  3. Blessing: Nazool e Rahmat
  4. The acceptance of intercession in Qabool e Shifaat
  5. The Greatness of Worship: Fazeelat e Ibaadat

Shab e Barat in Islam

Some people refer to the final days of Sha’ban as al-Sha’baniyyah, saying, “These are the days of bidding farewell to eat,” and they use this time to overindulge before Ramadan starts. According to some academics, the Christians who used to do it as their fasting season (Lent) approached are the ones who first came up with this concept.

In conclusion, Sha’ban is not a holiday or a time for performing a specific act of devotion in the middle or at the end of the month. That represents a change that has been made to the religion.

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