Celebrated fast bowler Shaheen Afridi has decisively quelled all swirling rumors and speculations that had surfaced in the media, putting to rest any notions of discord with fellow cricketer Babar Azam.

The cricketing world had been abuzz with speculation following a recent defeat against Sri Lanka during the Super 4s stage game. Rumors had circulated, suggesting a heated altercation between Shaheen Afridi and Babar Azam, with some even claiming that Mohammad Rizwan had to intervene as a mediator.

In a bid to dispel these rumors and provide clarity, Shaheen Afridi took to his social media platform, sharing a photo that featured himself alongside Babar Azam. The powerful message of unity within the team was conveyed through the simple yet impactful caption, “Family.”

This significant gesture not only reaffirmed the camaraderie among teammates but also put to rest any doubts about the strength of their bond.

In a noteworthy twist, it’s worth mentioning that Shaheen Afridi is set to embark on a new journey in his personal life as well. He is scheduled to tie the knot today, with the Walima ceremony scheduled for September 21 in Islamabad.

The upcoming ceremony promises to be a grand affair, with the presence of former and current cricketers, prominent figures, family members, and close friends. The celebration will mark a joyous occasion for Shaheen Afridi as he transitions into this new chapter of his life.

Recent images circulating on social media captured moments of Shaheen Afridi enjoying a gathering with teammates and other attendees, underscoring the joyful atmosphere surrounding this milestone event in his life.

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