In a recent development, Shaheen Afridi, Pakistan’s prominent fast bowler, had a heated argument with the team’s batting coach, Mohammad Yousuf, during Pakistan’s tour of England. This incident took place just before the World Cup, stirring considerable attention within the cricket community.

Reports from Lahore have indicated that the coaching staff and team management had raised concerns with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman regarding Shaheen Afridi’s attitude during the tour. The confrontation between Afridi and Yousuf occurred at the nets at Headingley, where Afridi was practicing his bowling.

The argument was sparked when Yousuf pointed out Afridi’s repeated no-balls during the session. Shaheen, visibly agitated, told Yousuf to let him continue his practice and to mind his own business. Yousuf, maintaining his stance, responded that as a coach, it was his job to address such issues.

The situation escalated quickly, with both individuals exchanging heated words. Senior manager Wahab Riaz had to intervene and reprimand Afridi for his conduct. Eventually, Shaheen Afridi acknowledged his mistake and apologized to Mohammad Yousuf. The issue was resolved on the spot and was considered a closed chapter by the team management.

Sources term Shaheen Afridi’s behavior towards coaches as ‘heat of the moment’

Multiple sources within the Pakistan cricket team management confirmed to Geo News that the incident was a “heat-of-the-moment” case. They emphasized that such minor heated arguments are common during long tours and do not usually necessitate strict action. As a result, the incident was not reported to the PCB.

Despite the resolution, reports suggest that Shaheen’s behavior towards coaches and management has been less than ideal during recent tours. However, sources close to the team have stated that they are unaware of any other significant incidents involving Afridi. They also reiterated that minor disagreements are a routine aspect of the sport, especially during extended tours. A source was quoted as saying:

“See, when you are on a tour for months, these minor heated arguments happen, these are routine matters, there was nothing big as far as I know which required any strict action against anyone,”

“This was nothing more than routine case of heat-of-the-moment, so the chapter was closed there and then,” said the source when asked why it wasn’t reported to the PCB.

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