Shaheen Afridi, a premier fast bowler from Pakistan, was re-signed by Welsh Fire for The Hundred in the £100,000 category, the second-highest tier in the competition. Afridi had participated in six matches for Welsh Fire in the 2023 season, making a significant impact with his formidable pace and skill.

However, Afridi recently withdrew from the 2024 season of The Hundred, a decision that came amid growing interest from the Global T20 Canada. The Global T20 Canada, running from July 25 to August 11, coincides almost exactly with The Hundred, which is scheduled from July 23 to August 18. Afridi’s withdrawal underscores the challenges and financial dynamics of modern cricket, where players often juggle commitments across multiple leagues and formats.

Shaheen Afridi will receive £5,000 for his image rights without playing in The Hundred

Despite his withdrawal, Afridi’s financial ties with The Hundred are not entirely severed. Players in The Hundred are entitled to five percent of their contract value for image rights, meaning Afridi will still receive £5,000 for his image rights without playing in the tournament. This amount represents five percent of his £100,000 contract, highlighting how The Hundred’s structure allows players to benefit financially even if they do not participate.

Afridi’s decision to prioritize the Global T20 over The Hundred reflects the increasing allure of T20 leagues worldwide. These leagues offer lucrative contracts and significant global exposure, making them attractive for top-tier cricketers. The GT20, in particular, provides both financial incentives and broad visibility, contributing to its appeal for players like Afridi.

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