Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has announced a significant reduction in electricity prices for Pakistan’s industrial sector, slashing rates by Rs. 10.69 per unit. This move is part of the Prime Minister’s power package designed to rejuvenate the country’s industry.

With the new price fixed at Rs. 34.99 per unit for the industry and export sector, this initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden on industries, lifting over Rs. 200 billion from their shoulders. By lowering electricity costs, the package is set to reduce production costs for industrial and agricultural products, thereby making the cost of goods more competitive in the global market.

This reduction in electricity prices is expected to significantly boost the country’s exports by helping industries manage their operational costs more effectively. The initiative forms part of broader economic measures to support industrial growth and sustainability, reflecting the government’s commitment to bolstering the industrial sector and enhancing export competitiveness.

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