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After Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI), Imran Khan, was attacked last week, protests broke out in different parts of Pakistan including Sindh, Punjab and KP.  Now the recent update is that business operations have been suspended on the main Grand Trunk (GT) road. The road blockage is causing a lot of hinderances for the commuters and businessmen hence disturbing the movement to and from the city.

According to the media reports, transporters are also not taking any risks to commute through GT Road amidst the protests. It is anticipated that all this chaos is likely to cause shortage of food and daily essentials in the twin cities.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi Railway Station has become crowded with courier packages and commuters. To make the situation even worse, major bus stations throughout Rawalpindi and Islamabad including Hamrahi, Faizabad, Peshawar Mor, Soan, Pirwdahi and 26 Number too have suspended their operations on the GT Road and adjoining areas.

Additionally, the intercity movement of traffic has also been disturbed due to the ongoing protests. Reports of volatile law and order situation in different areas of these cities are also taking rounds.

Considering the current situation, President All Pakistan Traders Association, Sharjeel Mir, has hinted toward a shortage of food and supplies in the twin cities. He has also asked the residents to prepare themselves for the worst. Mir has also predicted an increase in inflation due to the affected business activities.

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