Sindh Transport Minister, Sharjeel Memon, announced on Thursday that the Sindh Government is introducing an e-taxi service for passengers in Karachi, with a special focus on providing safe transportation for women. This innovative initiative will feature pink-colored taxis specifically designated for female passengers, aiming to offer convenience and reliability.

The first phase of the project will witness the launch of over 200 electric taxis, with 50 of them being pink e-taxis dedicated to serving women in Karachi. The introduction of these pink e-taxis seeks to address the need for a modern, affordable, and environment-friendly transportation option for female commuters in the metropolis. Minister Memon expressed his intention to extend this service to other major cities across the province in the future.

In addition to the e-taxi service, the Sindh Government has decided to enhance its existing public bus service, known as the Peoples Bus Service. This enhancement involves the addition of 500 new buses valued at Rs. 25 billion. The government aims to provide affordable travel facilities to the public through the electric taxi service, generating employment opportunities for unemployed youth and contributing to significant savings in oil expenses through the use of eco-friendly taxis.

The introduction of the Sindh E-Taxi service marks a significant step towards sustainable and inclusive transportation solutions in Karachi. By prioritizing the safety and convenience of female passengers, the government aims to promote gender equality and address the unique transportation needs of women in the city. The implementation of electric taxis not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also presents an opportunity for job creation and economic growth.

As the e-taxi service rolls out, the Sindh Government’s commitment to improving public transportation and providing affordable travel options is evident. The launch of pink taxis for female passengers showcases a progressive approach towards ensuring a safe and comfortable travel experience. The initiative holds great promise for transforming the transportation landscape in Karachi and serving as a model for other cities in the province.

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