In a bold attempt to combat Karachi’s street crime, Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori has announced an unconventional initiative: offering free motorbikes and cellphones to those who have fallen prey to such incidents.

The Problem: Karachi, unfortunately, grapples with a significant street crime issue. Over 1,700 motorcycles were stolen in the city last year alone.

Tessori’s Solution: The Governor encourages victims to bring their original CNICs and FIRs to the Governor’s House. Upon verification, they will be provided with a brand-new motorbike and cell phone, empowering them to move around safely and stay connected.

Beyond Motorbikes: The Governor’s vision goes beyond immediate relief. He believes in a collective approach and emphasizes the importance of everyone contributing their share. He also highlighted efforts like issuing health insurance cards for up to Rs500,000 treatment and providing ration to 250,000 people.

Transparency and Action: Tessori asserts his commitment to serving the people without expecting anything in return. He pointed to initiatives like hosting iftars for 300,000 individuals at the Governor’s House and the upcoming launch of free IT courses as examples of his dedication to public welfare.

Reactions: While the initiative has sparked mixed reactions, some view it as a novel approach to address a complex issue. Others question its sustainability and potential for misuse.

The Takeaway: Regardless of opinions, Tessori’s initiative has undoubtedly sparked a conversation about tackling street crime and supporting victims in Karachi. Whether it proves effective or not remains to be seen, but the move highlights a willingness to think outside the box and address a pressing concern for the city’s residents.

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