Pakistani sprinter Sahib e Asra, a celebrated athlete who recently achieved remarkable success in the 34th National Games, encountered an unexpected and perplexing situation when she received a generous gift – a pair of imported spikes. Valued at Rs. 55,000, these spikes were a much-needed aid for her training, as her previous pair had worn out. However, her joy quickly turned to astonishment when she was asked to pay a staggering Rs. 68,000 in taxes on the gifted shoes.

The imposition of such a substantial tax on the spikes came as a surprise to Asra, who couldn’t fathom why the tax amount exceeded the actual cost of the shoes. Apparently, the courier company handling the shipment explained that the tax was a compulsory levy imposed by the authorities on imported items.

In a heartfelt video message, the talented athlete, who has previously won a bronze medal in the South Asian Games, made a plea to the government to address this issue. Asra expressed her gratitude for the kind gesture of receiving the spikes as a helpful gift, considering her financial constraints in acquiring new equipment. The unexpected tax burden not only caught her off guard but also posed a significant financial challenge.

She humbly requested the government to look into the matter and find a resolution, highlighting that the spiked shoes were not a luxury but a necessity for her training. As an athlete representing Pakistan on national and international platforms, she hoped that the relevant authorities would consider the implications of such taxes on athletes who rely on sponsorships and support to pursue their passion and bring glory to the country.

The incident raised concerns about the potential impact of tax policies on athletes and individuals receiving gifts or essential equipment for their professions. While taxes play a crucial role in a country’s revenue generation, striking a balance between necessary taxation and supporting aspiring athletes is essential to foster a thriving sports community.

Asra’s plea garnered attention from fellow athletes, sports enthusiasts, and citizens alike, with many expressing solidarity and urging the government to reconsider the tax policy on gifts of this nature. The hope was that a resolution could be reached, ensuring that athletes like Sahib e Asra would continue to receive support and encouragement to excel in their respective sports, bringing pride to the nation on the global stage.

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