Tabish Hashmi Leaked Video

Tabish Hashmi is a well-known comedian from Pakistan and the host of the super hit show named Hasna Mana Hai.

Due to some leaked video, his name kept trending on Twitter for the whole day.

This reading caught your attention which means you already know about Tabish Hashmi and his extraordinary hilarious nature.  But the recently leaked video that was noticed all over the Internet and kept trending on Twitter with the #TabishHashmi name sounds like he will get caught in some big controversy. Because despite a huge discussion, there’s no response from his side about the video.

But his fans are truly his followers who came out with different theories and perceptions about the video. Their prediction and guess look so legit that one has to believe, the video was about some secret discussions of a huge amount of money.

From hilarious memes to serious allegations, tweeps came with all the creativity and quoted that particular video in which he was saying something like,

“Bas yarr ab mujhy aur chahye, ab mein soch raha hun Laal k sath kaam krun ga.”

To which some unknown person in conversation with him replied,

“Itnay ameer ho, kia zarort hai”

After which Tabish Hashmi can be seen replying,

“Nahi bhai, aur milay ga tou krun ga. Croron ke baat hai na.”

The moment which made this video suspicious was when the guy making the video secretly asked Tabish Hashmi for a selfie. Without him knowing that he was being captured in a video.

And the attention-grabbing statement in a conversation with some unknown guy was Tabish Hashmi saying,

“Croron ke baat hai”

Which became the real target of tweeps quoting that video. And his fans seem curious and eagerly want to know more about the leaked video.

Twitter User Mehfooz Ali kept asking about the actual scene “aur ye scene kiya hai??”

Some think there is something other than “Croron ki baat” in his conversation.

Diva Pakistan has captioned “Team India explaining how They win matches:”

And here’s someone predicting that he might be leaving the show.

Someone completely ignored “Croron ki baat” and made a hilarious comment based on Tabish’s statement, which says,

“Mujhy Ab Laal Chahye”

It seems like people are not much interested to know the facts behind the video. But desperately want to know that CRORON Ke Scheme.

Famous meme page Saee, captioned “Tabish Bhai komedi chor kr tarbooz ka business karne jarahe hain”

The incident is still being discussed on the Internet, and fans are waiting for Tabish Hashmi’s statement about this.

But he hasn’t disclosed anything yet. Let’s see what will be his response to this.

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