Ankara-based TED University is extending generous scholarships to Pakistani students enrolling in its Fall 2024 semester, covering 23 undergraduate and 17 graduate programs. These scholarships, ranging from 25% to full tuition waivers based on academic merit, aim to facilitate access to quality education.

New Pakistani students applying to TED University will benefit from streamlined admissions, exempting them from GRE or English language proficiency tests, simplifying the application process.

TED University boasts a distinguished reputation in Ankara, offering a conducive learning environment with highly qualified faculty members. The institution provides comprehensive support services, including education, healthcare, and recreational facilities, all free of charge.

Undergraduate programs span diverse fields such as architecture, psychology, mathematics, and engineering, while graduate programs encompass data science, economics, and engineering management.

With a student body of approximately 5,000, TED University maintains a favorable faculty-to-student ratio of 24:1, ensuring personalized attention and ample opportunities for collaborative projects and research.

Emphasizing a supportive atmosphere for international students, the university offers health, sports, and recreational amenities, along with leadership development opportunities.

Encouraging outdoor activities enrich the university experience, while a basic proficiency in Turkish is recommended to facilitate interaction with the local community.

The strong historical ties between Turkey and Pakistan underscore the significance of enhanced collaboration, with exchange programs aimed at fostering mutual understanding and strengthening bilateral relations.

Levent Ocal, Head of International Programmes Office at TED University, expressed gratitude to Pakistani families for entrusting their children’s education to Turkey, highlighting the warm reception and sense of fraternity extended to Pakistani students.

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