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Wahaj Ali who is

playing the lead role in “Tere Bin” got injured while shooting. Apparently, the knife used for a scene was Sharon enough to cut Wahaj’s finger.

Subhan Awan who is playing the role of Rohail in the drama said that the knife used in Meerab’s birthday scene cut Wahaj’s finger and it started to bleed.

“Tere Bin” is extremely popular amongst the audience these days and people are loving every scene from it.

In the initial episodes when Rohail (Subhan Awan) was about to express his feelings for Meerab (Yumna Zaidi), Murtasim (Wahaj Ali) reaches there and tries to take Meerab away. During this scene a knife was used by Murtasim to scare Rohail. The knife was very sharp and cut Murtasim’s finger.

He added that the cut was so deep that bleeding was not even stopping after giving first aid.

That was the reason why we threw away the knife and the normal knife was kept,” Subhan said.

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