This was a much-awaited episode, thanks to the last epidode where Zohra finally reveals her true identity to Moosa. Now the audience was eagerly waiting to see how Moosa will react to this reality. This episode shows that there is no going back for Moosa. On the other hand, Zohra, too, seems to be liking him, which is a bit off as she gave the impression of being a hard-to-get person. Esa and Sakina are two more characters who are coming in the limelight with each episode.

Raqs-e-Bismil | Episode 4 | Digitally Presented By Master Paints | HUM TV | Drama | 15 January 2021

The Love Story Finally Begins! Raqs e Bismil – Episode 4 Review

Moosa is still struggling to name his feelings for Zohra. At one point, he does confess his love for her though. This is against his own beliefs and is contrary to picture of the woman he imagined he would fall in love with. Turns out, Moosa is head over heels in love with Zohra, even after knowing everything about her. In order to find out answers to his questions, Moosa even agrees to pay for a meeting with his love. It would be interesting to see how Ana Ji handles this situation further as she has already got an idea about what is cooking.

Sakina’s character is a bit smarter than the audience anticipated. She is capable of manipulating people and this is exactly what she is doing with Esa. Esa, who has started liking her, is falling for her tricks.

Raqs e Bismil reflects the dual standards we have for male and female in our society. Like when Sakina was in a similar situation, Pir Sahab behaved differently and now with Moosa, he appears to be more relaxed. Also, Pir Sahab is such an influential figure in his area, yet he went to get his son released, why? This could have easily been done via a phone call.

It is needless to say that Moosa and Esa are two characters who are doing exceptionally good acting. Zohra seemed a little bit less impressive today but Sakina surprised everyone with her performance. Looking forward the next episode now.