Image: The Independent

Citizens of South Korea became a year or two younger when the country decided to replace the traditional way of counting age with the international method.

According to the traditional method of counting age, a child is considered to be a year old on their birth and a year is added to their age on every January 1.

Though the country announced to use the modern methodology for counting age in 1960s, still many people were using the old ways.

In December , a new law was passed in South Korea to discontinue the traditional method and adopt the new one which is in accordance with the international standards.

We expect legal disputes, complaints and social confusion that have been caused over how to calculate ages will be greatly reduced,” said the Minister of Government Legislation Lee Wan-kyu.

A citizen said, “I was about to turn 30 next year (under the traditional Korean age system) but now I have some more time earned and I love it.” He added, “It’s just great to feel like getting younger.”

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