Great Sixth Sense

Image: Daily Mail

A TikTok user, Mia Yilin, shared this optical illusion image in which a man and a penguin can be seen. What you notice at first glance, whether the man or penguin, can tell a lot about your personality, she claims.

Mia Yilin is a popular content creator and this image of hers has gained more than 57,000 views so far. According to Mia, this image can reveal if you are too independent or have a strong intuition based on what you see here first.

Image: The US Sun

The photo shows a man’s face with a hairstyle that portrays a penguin. Mia says that whichever character you identify first will reveal your true identity.

Mia tells that if you identify the penguin first, it means you have an independent personality and you seek freedom and autonomy. ‘You thrive when you have the space to pursue your own interests and goals,’ she said.

She further said that if you saw the man first, it means you have a good sixth sense.

Your intuition is off the charts and you can easily sense other people’s emotions and intentions’, she mentioned.

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