TikTok deleted

The online social media platform for video sharing, TikTok, has deleted more than 11.7 million videos by Pakistani users for violating community guidelines from January to March this year.

TikTok further said that it has removed over 91 million videos globally for the same reason. All these videos account for 0.6% of the total videos uploaded by users across the world.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, this number was 85.68 million globally and 11,707,020 videos were deleted in Pakistan for violating community guidelines.

TikTok has also removed 16.94 million accounts suspecting they belonged to users under 13 years of age. Additionally, it also got rid of 51.29 million fake accounts.

According to the report, “TikTok’s community guidelines are designed to foster a safe, inclusive, and authentic experience for all users. These policies apply to everyone and all types of content, with TikTok striving to ensure consistency and equity in their enforcement.”

It added, “TikTok utilizes a combination of innovative technology and human review to identify, assess, and take action against content that violates its community guidelines. The quarterly release of the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report provides insights into the volume and nature of removed content and accounts, ensuring full transparency.”

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