TikToker arrested for insulting sacrificial animals on Eid ul Azhar

In a swift response to public outrage, the Narowal police have apprehended a TikToker who had sparked controversy by disrespecting the religious festival of Eidul Adha. The individual had uploaded a video featuring a dog instead of a sacrificial animal, causing widespread anger among the community. The incident quickly gained attention after going viral on social media platforms.

Legal consequences against TikToker

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the Narowal police wasted no time and took immediate action. A case has been registered against the suspect, ensuring that legal consequences will follow the sacrilegious act. The promptness of the police’s response has been applauded by the locals, who appreciate their efforts in upholding religious sentiments and maintaining social harmony.

DPO Narowal Tahir Mehmood, showing firm leadership, personally intervened in the matter and directed the police force to apprehend the culprit. This proactive approach demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that such incidents do not go unpunished, safeguarding the religious sanctity that holds immense significance for the community.

The arrest of the youth has provided a sense of relief and satisfaction to the people, particularly religious scholars who had demanded swift action. The community commends the Narowal police for their effective and efficient response, reinforcing the importance of respecting religious festivals and preserving the sentiments of the society at large.

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