If you want to know, which destinations were most on-trend in 2022, here we’ve got the lowdown. Among all the corners of the world, Europe has been a persuasive region in the tourism game of 2022, says a new report by a UK-based market research company called Euromonitor.

Euromonitor International is the world’s foremost sovereign provider of tactical market research. Like all other strategic research, they’ve also developed a list of the top 10 destinations people traveled the most in 2022. Almost every year, there’s an annual report by Euromonitor comparing the appealing existence of 100 cities globally. Across six categories include tourism policy, sustainability, infrastructure, health and safety, and economic performance.

Paris has been detained onto the highest spot in the Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022, though eight out of the top 10 cities are its European neighbors. The French capital is considered “the world’s best-performing destination” due to its “exceptional performance across the Tourism Policy and Attractiveness, Tourism Infrastructure and Tourism Performance pillars.”

2022 is a positive year for tourism around the globe

Indeed 2022 was a positive year for the travel area. The road to full post-pandemic repossession is time taking. Keeping this in view, government sustenance stays critical across all regions. But the sharply increasing inflation is also observed in the notice by governments which can affect tourism on a large scale. Deteriorating economic circumstances and the war in Ukraine also disturbed the speed of tourism’s rebound.

 Overall, 40 European cities presented in the ranking, with Italy (six cities), Greece (four cities), and Spain (five cities) making their positions as Western Europe’s big hitters. Amsterdam stayed at number three, Madrid at four, Rome at five, and London jumped two places this year to No. 6. Munich and Berlin also hopped up the rankings two areas, at No. 7 and No. 8 respectively. Last but not least, Barcelona climbed one place to no. 9. New York whined into the last spot in the top 10. The report also suggested that US cities showed a “strong rebound in tourism performance” overall.

Talking about Asia, it had a mixed performance in the area due to Covid-related travel limitations, but Asian cities made some major leaps in presentation. Singapore hopped 30 places up the list and was applauded by Euromonitor for being “the most business-friendly destination, with simplified taxation and a large share of skilled employees.”

Africa and the Middle East achieved the greatest health and safety.

Furthermore, Euromonitor has also acclaimed that “Asia is the region to watch in 2023 as the return of international travel, both inbound and outbound, is sure to shake up the rankings.”

Topmost 10 City travel destinations Index 2022 suggested the cities in the sequence mentioned below:

1. Paris

2. Dubai

3. Amsterdam

4. Madrid

5. Rome

6. London

7. Munich

8. Berlin

9. Barcelona

10. New York

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