Pakistani dramas are known for their quality content and connection they create between the characters and common people. This is the reason our dramas are watched and liked across the globe. This year too, Pakistani dramas successfully hooked their audiences to the screen by highlighting some unconventional social matters that go unnoticed otherwise. Here is a round up of the most watched Pakistani dramas in 2022.

1.      Sang e Mah

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The drama received hype because of Atif Aslam’s character initially. However, as the story unfolded, it turned out that Sang e Mah has a lot more to offer. The star-studded drama revolved around the families residing in tribal areas and how they are forced to make sacrifices in the modern times. Sang e Mah is a sequel to the 2017 drama Sang e Mar Mar. Both the dramas highlighted critical issues of our society like domestic violence, honor killings, patriarchy, and bride bribes.

2.      Paristaan

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Paristaan caught the attention of the viewers because of the presence of Merub and Junaid Khan. Both the actors look good together and their on-screen chemistry is just amazing. The sitcom has many tropes but still managed to make us laugh in every episode.

3.      Dil Awaiz

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A little bit cliched story where the main character suffers a lot. Dil Awaiz was hated by her father due to her mother. She was forced to live with her stepmother and stepsisters who made her life a living hell. As expected, the poor girl falls in love with Sikandar, who liked Dil Awaiz’s stepsister. One stepsister marries Sikandar and the other sister elopes with her boyfriend. Now Dil Awaiz must face the hardships and bow down to the unreasonable demands of the family to save their pride. She was married to someone who never liked her, and the story continues. Though a very predictable plot but still this drama made us realize the about the cruelty of our society at many moments.

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