Trending Pakistan and Digital Leaders Global Awards 2022

With each passing day, Pakistan is heading toward a better digital era, giving rise to commendable tech and digital marketing platforms. Today’s nation is aware that the digital world is more enlightened than it had a decade ago. And the credit goes to all the dedicated teams and leaders from the digital world who never fails to bring the best out there.

Now it’s high time to recognize and appreciate all those zealous and worthy platforms and people out there who bring the presence of the digital world to Pakistan. For this noble cause, emerging platforms in digital space Trending Pakistan and The Digital Leaders Global Awards have gotten together to honour the remarkable personalities in the digital and tech industry.

The Digital Leaders Global Awards is an exclusive platform to celebrate and honour the devoted individuals in the tech industry, the passionate ones in the digital marketing space who runs successful campaigns and the exceptional rebellious talent out there. The initiative of these awards is taken by Ashifa Paracha, a renowned name in the digital space. She is the founder of Digi Leaders Pakistan & Pakistan Digital Awards with experience of more than 22 years in Marketing & Advertising. Her opening gambit of The Digital Leaders Global Awards has encouraged numerous digital leaders till now and will continue to do more, making Pakistan proud in the world.

To make this event correspond with the maximum number of people, Trending Pakistan is glad to partner with The Digital Leaders Global Awards. The founder of Trending Pakistan, Hamadullah Sohu, is also a well-known personality in Pakistan’s digital world, being a digital leader and successful digital marketing campaign runner. His efforts made Trending Pakistan one of the top digital platforms in Pakistan in no time.

Partnerships like this are indeed a source to bring creativity and will to do something exciting and worthy among the youth of Pakistan. You can also witness and appreciate the talent of Pakistan in this award ceremony happening in Silicon Valley, CA, the USA, on , on 10th December.

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