Some new features are being worked on by Twitter.

Twitter Testing the verified phone number feature in the app

One of the new features is Verified Phone Number, which will add a Verified Phone Number label to the profile.

Currently, phone number verification is required for a blue tick on a Twitter account, so it is not clear how a user will be able to verify his phone.

Another feature will let users know how many people read each tweet.

It has been named Tweet View Count, in which an eye icon will be created under each tweet, which can be clicked to know how many people have read that tweet.

Currently, these two features are being tested, so it is not clear when they will be available to users.

It is also not clear whether it will be available to general users or limited to the company’s subscribers.

Still, we are super-excited about these new features to be added by Twitter.

Do let us know your thoughts on these features!

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