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Global warming is a serious problem that has an impact on both our planet and all of the living things that live there. It describes the gradual rise in Earth’s average surface temperature brought on by the accumulation of particular gases in our atmosphere. This article gives a brief review of global warming, including its causes, effects, and possible solutions.

The effects of global warming are extensive and have an effect on many facets of our globe, including:

Global temperatures are rising, which will cause more frequent and severe heatwaves.

Melting Ice: As a result of melting ice sheets and glaciers brought on by warming temperatures, sea levels are increasing.

Sea-Level Rise: Coastal erosion, flooding, and the eviction of coastal people are all possible consequences of rising sea levels.

Global Extreme Weather

At the individual, local, and global levels, collaborative action is necessary to combat global warming:

The climate, ecosystems, and human societies of the globe are all impacted by the urgent problem of global warming. It’s a dilemma that calls for both interdependence and personal accountability. We can contribute to limiting the effects of global warming and protecting a habitable planet for future generations by lowering our carbon footprint, implementing sustainable practises, and campaigning for climate action.

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