The University of Health Sciences (UHS) has recently announced significant changes to the admission criteria for its various degree programs. These modifications aim to streamline the selection process and ensure that candidates possess the requisite skills and knowledge for their chosen fields. Here’s an overview of the key changes:

Increased Weightage for Entrance Exams

UHS has increased the weightage of entrance exam scores in the overall admission process. This adjustment emphasizes the importance of standardized testing in evaluating a candidate’s aptitude and readiness for rigorous academic programs.

Key Details:

Entrance exam scores will now constitute 70% of the overall evaluation.

Higher emphasis on subject-specific knowledge relevant to the degree program.

Introduction of Interview Rounds

For certain programs, UHS has introduced interview rounds as part of the admission process. These interviews will assess candidates’ communication skills, critical thinking, and motivation.

Key Details:

Interviews will account for 15% of the total evaluation.

Panels will consist of faculty members and industry professionals.

Minimum Academic Thresholds

UHS has set higher minimum academic thresholds for eligibility. This change ensures that only candidates with strong academic backgrounds are considered.

Key Details:

Minimum GPA requirements have been raised across all programs.

Specific prerequisite courses must be completed with a minimum grade.

Enhanced Criteria for Extracurricular Achievements

The revised criteria give more weight to extracurricular achievements, recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education.

Key Details:

Extracurricular activities will now contribute up to 10% of the evaluation.

Leadership roles, community service, and relevant certifications will be given preference.

Revised Quota System

UHS has revised its quota system to promote diversity and inclusion, ensuring a broader representation of students from various backgrounds.

Key Details:

Increased quotas for underrepresented regions and minority groups.

Additional support and resources for students admitted through these quotas.

These changes to UHS’s admission criteria are designed to foster a more comprehensive and equitable selection process. By focusing on a combination of academic performance, entrance exams, interviews, and extracurricular achievements, UHS aims to admit students who are not only academically capable but also possess diverse skills and experiences.

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