Utility Stores Corporation Massively Reduces Oil and Ghee Prices

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has taken a commendable step to provide relief to citizens by announcing a substantial decrease in the prices of branded ghee and cooking oil at its stores nationwide. This decision comes as a response to the escalating costs of essential food items, which have been weighing heavily on household budgets.

In a notification obtained by ProPakistani, the USC revealed that the price of branded ghee has been reduced by an impressive Rs. 60 per kilogram. This move aims to make this vital cooking ingredient more affordable for the general public, ensuring that they can continue using it without straining their finances.

Furthermore, the notification also highlights a noteworthy price reduction of Rs. 37 to 59 on cooking oil. This adjustment will undoubtedly bring relief to consumers who heavily rely on cooking oil for their daily culinary needs.

Utility Stores’ Welcome Initiative: Affordable Prices for Essential Cooking Commodities

The USC’s decision to lower the prices of these essential kitchen commodities is a welcome move for citizens, particularly those facing financial constraints. By making these items more accessible and affordable, the reduced prices at utility stores will help alleviate the burden of rising food costs. It ensures that households across the country can continue to access high-quality cooking essentials without compromising their financial stability.

This initiative by the USC demonstrates their commitment to the well-being of the public, striving to ease the economic strain and ensure that essential food items remain within reach for all.

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