Pakistan cricket team’s skipper Babar Azam found himself at the center of a social media storm after a heated banter with fans in Cardiff. The unwanted incident happened outside the team’s hotel, where excited fans approached Babar for selfies and autographs.

Notably, Babar was in the midst of an important conversation at that time and pleaded the fans to give him a couple of minutes to finish before responding to their requests. Nevertheless, the vibrant crowd continued to press for his attention, ignoring Azam’s humble request.

As the video circulates on internet, Babar was clearly frustrated and called for the security team to deal with the crowd. A video clip of the incident was shared online, showing a visibly irritated Babar dealing with his fans. The footage led to widespread allegations of disrespect and poor behaviour against Babar on social media platforms. However, many people also blamed the fans for being enthusiastic even during the serious conversation.

The development took a U turn when the complete video of the incident was released on Twitter. The extended footage revealed that after finishing his conversation, Babar got back to the fans, who were patiently posing for pictures and then signed autographs despite the earlier tension.

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