During the second One Day International (ODI) cricket match between Pakistan and New Zealand held at the Pindi Cricket Stadium, an incident occurred which caused a stir on social media. The on-field umpires, Aleem Dar and Rashid Riaz, requested the match-day staff to alter the dimensions of the 30-yard circle while the game was still in progress.

The issue arose when Aleem Dar, who was officiating as the on-field umpire, noticed that the 30-yard circle had been incorrectly measured. The on-field umpires immediately requested the match-day staff to rectify the issue.

The incident was captured on video and quickly became popular on social media, leading to questions about whether such modifications could be made during the game. However, the International Cricket Council (ICC) rules allow the umpires to request such modifications if they feel that there has been an error in measurement.

The on-field umpires rectified the issue immediately after the completion of the first over, during which the visiting team had scored four runs without losing any wickets. It took approximately six minutes of match time to rectify the circle measurement, after which the match continued without any further interruptions.

It is worth noting that the on-field umpires have the authority to make decisions during a cricket match to ensure that the game is played fairly and within the rules. In this case, the umpires detected an error in measurement and took the necessary steps to rectify it promptly.

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