Mountaineer Naila
Image: APP

Naila Kiani has been a role model for Pakistani women for her courageous mountain climbing record. She has been a trendsetter for females who have dreams and want to realize them. Naila has shown the world that nothing is impossible if you have the will to achieve it.

Naila summited eight peaks within a span of two years. However, she thinks that there is still a lack of awareness among people regarding mountaineering.

Naila said while addressing a press conference, “We need to be aware of the people of mountaineering as we have got a lot of talent in the country. We also need support from the private sector.”

Also known as the first Pakistani woman to climb Broad Peak, Naila also enjoys the record for summiting all five 8,000 metre peaks located in Pakistan.

Additionally, she has climbed all eight 8000 peaks globally and further plans to ascend all 14 top mountains in the world. She hails from Rawalpindi with no family background in mountaineering, yet she is enthusiastic about climbing mountains.

She said, “We need to put our focus on mountaineering if we want to succeed and improve in the sector. As compared to Nepal, we need to improve the mountaineering sector to benefit from it.”

Naila appreciated the efforts of the Alpine Club of Pakistan in supporting her mission and praised Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for nominating her for the national civil award Sitara-e-Imtiaz to recognize her achievements.

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