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WhatsApp has been working on its beta version of WhatsApp Communities for a while now. The good news is that the new feature will be launched in the upcoming weeks. Whether you are an Android or an iPhone user, you will be able to access the new” Communities” feature.

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WhatsApp Communities will help you organize all your groups in one place so that you can manage group discussions for different topics conveniently. The newly rolled out feature was in the test phase from the beginning of this year and is about to be launched soon.

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Communities will transform the way you communicate in a group and is specifically made for corporates, schools, clubs, and other private groups. Let us suppose, you have multiple WhatsApp groups for you work, with communities, you will be able to organize them at one place in a way that you can easily switch between them.

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There will be only one main group for announcement of the important messages, however, the chatting will be restricted to the sub-groups only. This will help you stay away from unnecessary messages and make communication better.

Communities will have admin controls, announcement groups, support for sub-groups, video, and audio calls for 32 persons, larger file sharing, polls, and emoticons. The support groups can have as many as 1024 members with end-to-end encryption

The communities are very much similar to Facebook Groups as they both can have sub-groups, admin rights and file sharing. However, unlike Facebook, not everyone will be able to access the communities because the chatting groups are number-based and, there is a high probability you know the members in-person.

Additionally, your number will remain hidden and unlike Facebook, you will be able to join Communities only through an invite. Also, Facebook groups can be discovered easily by anyone, however, the Communities will remain hidden

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