WhatsApp has always been coming up with some tiny updates every other month. Some of them get highly praised by the users, and others get criticized for not being useful at all. Most of the updates need hours like enhancing the ratio of people in a group or the changes adopted for security purposes with changing times. but sometimes, like recently WhatsApp had a major privacy threat which made a lot of people around the world replace it with a telegram.

But this time WhatsApp is going to announce some of the most exciting and major updates very soon. Which were of course demanded by users and also going to be highly beneficial for everyone. The team is currently working on updates that will increase the current group chat participants limit, limiting screenshots for “View once” images or videos, sharing documents with captions, and more.

Some reports have also suggested that the WhatsApp Premium feature for WhatsApp business users is also going to take place. Without wasting any more time, let’s check the list of updates that WhatsApp is going to bring your way. These features are currently available only for beta testers or are under development.

  • The very first update will enable you to edit messages after sending them. You can edit the sent message in a specific time frame like the process of unending texts taking place on WhatsApp.  The new feature will also display an ‘edited label’ in the chat bubble for the messages that have been modified. Even though it is not yet clear if the edited message can be re-edited. But the feature is currently under development and will be available for beta testing soon. And the features might be area specific.

  • This feature is going to be very helpful for students, workers, and managers having a lot of people working with them. WhatsApp will allow 1024 in a group chat. Though the team has been increasing the limit from time to time, at this moment a major change is coming up on the most used massaging app.  Currently, the limit is set to 512 members. But soon the Meta-owned messaging platform will permit users to add up to 1,024 members in a single group. The feature will be accessible to a select group of Android and iOS WhatsApp beta testers by this week.

  • Now you’ll be able to share documents, photos, videos, and GIFs with captions. Which is really an impressive step toward the better use case of WhatsApp. The feature will also support users to search for any documents received or sent in the chat using the search option. The feature is currently under development and will soon be released for beta testing.

  • Security is the biggest concern of everyone in today’s age of technology, most people adopt WhatsApp due to its privacy and protection policies. The upcoming features will also include security purposes as well to enhance your security. The platform will now confine users from taking screenshots of all media “View Once” photos and videos. The feature is currently accessible to some android beta testers and is anticipated to roll out soon for all.

  • WhatsApp is the only social media app that exists without a premium subscription but these new updates will include a new Premium subscription plan for WhatsApp businesses. This feature will let businesses get access to advanced paid features for healthier reach and progresses WhatsApp Premium is an optional plan accessible for select business accounts. The feature is currently available for select beta users for Android and iOS. Beta users can allow the WhatsApp Premium feature for businesses by checking WhatsApp Settings.

All these amazing features are going to make WhatsApp, the favorite and most reliable messaging app. WhatsApp has always tried to provide people with the best user experience and they’re doing so this time as well. Let’s hope that these exciting features are accessible everywhere.

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