WhatsApp Introduces New Privacy Policy and Pakistani Memes Are Breaking the Internet

WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging apps globally, especially in Pakistan where people depend on it for chats, calls and transferring documents and pictures. Up till now, WhatsApp was deemed as one of the most reliable platforms for communication because of the privacy and encrypted conversations it offered.

However, recently, WhatsApp came up with an updated privacy policy which did not sit well with most of the users. According to the new policy, WhatsApp can access your group chats and it will then be used by Facebook Inc and its subsidiaries for better targeting the audience for advertisement.

While some people uninstalled the app and moved to other alternatives like Telegram and Signal, Pakistani Twitter got crazy and one after another meme made everyone laugh. Here is how the youth responded on the news with their best of humorous skills.


One thing is for sure, no one can beat Pakistanis when it comes to meme. We always find a way to make things entertaining, no matter how serious the topic is and this significantly lessens the stress levels.

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