Barbie Go to Punjab
Image Credit: People

The screening of the Hollywood blockbuster movie Barbie is still a question mark in Punjab. Mohsin Naqvi Chief Minister Punjab’s involvement in the matter has paced up things and now a 12-member full censor board will be meeting today to make a decision. The board will reevaluate the content of the movie and will give a verdict on its screening in Punjab.

Barbie was previously banned due to objectionable content. Amir Mir, Information Minister of Punjab said, “Barbie was previously banned in Punjab due to objectionable content.” He further said, “The Punjab government had decided to send the film to the censor board for reevaluation. “All 12 members of the censor board Punjab, including Chairman Touqeer Nasir, will be present in the film’s board review, added Mir. He hoped, “After removing objectionable content, Barbie can be allowed for release.”

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