Pakistani government officials have denied circulating rumors about a potential social media ban on 9 and 10 Moharram. An Interior Ministry spokesperson clarified that no decision has been made regarding temporary restrictions on social media platforms. Earlier news reports suggested that the federal government had rejected provincial requests for a social media ban during Moharram.

The Interior Ministry emphasized that only they have the authority to direct the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to restrict social media access, and provinces cannot independently impose such bans. While a possible decision on the matter might emerge after a scheduled meeting with relevant authorities this Saturday, the current stance is clear: no ban has been decided.

Some officials have proposed banning social media on 9 and 10 Moharram to prevent the spread of harmful content. However, concerns have been raised that a complete shutdown could cause more problems than it solves. Social media platforms are vital communication tools in Pakistan, utilized by businesses to connect with customers, families to stay in touch, and journalists to share news.

A social media ban would disrupt these essential connections and might not effectively prevent the spread of harmful content, as people can often find ways to access banned platforms.

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