Austria’s Wiener Zeitung is considered to be one of the world’s oldest newspapers still in print. Now the newspaper intend to start publishing online after a decision given by the Austrian Parliament.

The decision was long pending due to a dispute between the newspaper and the government authorities about the future of the newspaper.

Now as per the decision from July 1st, the newspaper will primarily publish content online while limiting the print publication to 10 prints per year only.

The newspaper was founded in 1703 under the name Wiennerisches Diarium, however, in 1780, it was later renamed as Wiener Zeitung. The newspaper was nationalised in 1857 by Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria.

“It is adopted with a majority,” Norbert Hofer, the president of parliament said of while announcing.

The Wiener Zeitung was ranked as one of the oldest newspapers in circulation in 2004 .

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