For those who love thrill and adventure, there is a unique picnic spot waiting for you. Located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, onlooking the magnificent Cascata de Sepultura, this wooden table suspending in the air promises an extraordinary experience.

An America couple was the first one to highlight this destination while searching for interesting activities to do in Brazil. Since then, the spot has become a viral sensation. The couple also shared their video while having snacks and sipping on red wine.

Christianna Hurt and her boyfriend paid $450 for this breathtaking experience that apparently lasted for only 15 minutes.

She said, “It’s only about a 15-minute experience total… the experience is more about the scenery, not the food.”

Christianna further said that they had to drive a 4×4 to reach this destination which is around 60 minutes drive from Caxias do Sul, a town in Brazil. Then they walked to the zipline platform and were then ascended. The couple was seen strapped into safety harness and their table was also secured safely to the zip line. After being carefully rolled over the waterfall, Christianna and her boyfriend unpacked the food and started munching on it.

The experience also includes a picture and drone video to make your beautiful memorable.

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