Karachi [Pakistan] July 23rd, 2022 – Young Leaders Conference for inquisitive individuals is underway this week from the 23rd to 28th July, 2022 at Dreamworld Resort, Karachi.

YLC is an optimism and a vision that holds the power to amplify the potential among youth towards productive prospects. Each year, these promising youngsters from all over Pakistan join the mission to empower their lives and vow to become young leaders who will bring positivity to their communities and societies.

This year with theme “Pehchaan” the motive is to embark on a journey of finding ourselves this day is all about rebooting our limiting beliefs and recognizing the essence of being ASHRAF. We are to push ourselves to unlearn our complexities, our judgments towards our fellows, myths that are stopping us from moving ahead in our careers and take a fresh mind back to our communities, as a result, to instill a growing mindset with an approach of achieving brilliance in the communities we live with, it encourages us to be conscious of our responsibility as humans, showing humility and spreading love.

The Day 01 kicked off at 7:00 AM with the participants ready to check in, they stored their luggage at the designated areas, got their compulsory health checks done and submitted all necessary documents and enter into this world full of craziness and learnings; YLC’2022! The theme for day 1:  Realize, Personal Leadership and was moderated by Waleed Anwar as the day champ!

Later, participants were given an hour to mingle with their Youth Facilitators to initiate icebreakers and energizers. At 2:00 PM inauguration started with recitation, Live national anthem performance by team ZAHRSSS and a documentary on 2 decades of YLC. All the respected Partners who have been a huge part of this conference’s success came on the stage to receive their token of appreciation and share their messages for YLC and what they think about this conference and why such conferences should take place in Pakistan.

EBM has been a prestigious partner of YLC and SoL for the past 21 years and have contributed a lot in the growth of youth of Pakistan. Shireen Naqvi, Founder of YLC shared her fond memories about EBM and YLC and how this partnership began.

EBM’s Marketing Manager, Asad Saeed brought in a very simple yet effective message, “What you seek, seeks you”. The conversation revolved around participants understanding that their focus should be on themselves identifying what is defines them and make it their true Pehchaan. Participants were also mentored that this journey is all about efforts and not results.

Then a tea break was conducted with Mentoring session in which our partners who joined us at the conference mentored the Participants with their own experience followed by the segment speaker session on YLC in its Third Decade by Mr. Waqar Ali in which he also explained with immense clarity what YLC actually is and what does PEHCHAAN means.

Active speaker of the day Mr. Waleed Anwer will be gracing the sessions on Team Building and The Great Scavenger in which participants made their slogans

After the dinner Mr. Kamran Rizvi and Mr. Umair Jaliawala will conducted their sessions on Meri Pehchaan – Aadmi Se Insaan and Power of Conditioning respectively briefing about the infinite potential for productive imagination.

Mr. Ammar Sabzwari concluded the day with his session on Housekeeping Rules before team hurdle practice where participants will be requested to keep a self-check on their progress and learning.

The event has been sponsored by many notable organizations; Peek Freanz (EBM), FNF, J, DKT, Ibex, Habib Metro Bank, KIA Motors, KFC, Bookmyspot, Raagistan, Hubco, KAPCO, MSS, Catalyst, Amwaj, Torque, Nucleus, upstairs, carving, Alif, SoLf, Torque,while Jang Press, Geo, The News and Suno FM 89.4 will be performing their duties as official media partners and official radio partners respectively.

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