Karachi [Pakistan] July 28th, 2022 – The Young Leadership Conference on developmental and leadership skills is about to conclude on high notes where lots of inquisitive individuals got themselves flourished with strategic skills, knowledge and new experiences. The conference has only one day remaining but yet it has a lot to serve to the participants. 

With this year’s theme “Pehchaan” our honorable speakers had already addressed from “Realization & Personal Leadership” to “History, Politics & Religion” where we aim to embark on a journey of finding ourselves and pushing ourselves to unlearn the complexities, focused on how to be set free from the chains of stereotypes and taboos. We also explored how art is regardless and plays a significant role in bringing people together and how to avail opportunities whenever there is a problem.

YLC’ 2022 – the agenda of day 05 was “Rethink – History, Politics & Religion” the objective of the day was to encourage participants to reflect on these particular issues while having a thorough understanding and exploration that will further empower them with a constructive approach while Shireen Naqvi served her duties as the day champ!

After the participants were given the time to get ready and have breakfast and day brief by Shireen Naqvi, the fifth day started with a session by Moiz Khan on How Factual is the History where he defined the majority of people think of history as “a collection of facts about the past” or making claims about the past based on what people at the time recorded but what history is actually all about. Since we are more likely to have sources written by “winners” designed to highlight why they were heroic in their victories. Sometimes what we hear or read is not entirely factual; the biasness needs to be recognized to escape the trap we are setting for ourselves.

The day champ Shireen Naqvi then in her session Formation of Narratives – Construction and Deconstruction engaged participants in an activity that makes them understand what narratives are, how they are formed and how they can be deconstructed

Followed by a session Tameer se Takmeel Tak conducted by Javed Jabbar where he explainedwe often argue or disagree over why Pakistan was founded or what the Quaid’s Pakistan was like, but is this argument still valid today? Or the conversation right now should be more practical. The reality is, Pakistan does exist, and we all call it home. Now it’s up to us to decide if we want to continue living the way we already do or find some common ground to live together peacefully and develop as a nation.

Later, Ali Hameed in his sessionClash of Civilizations & Pakistani Youth explained that The Clash of Civilizations is a theory that claims that in the post-Cold War world, conflicts will mostly arise from people’s cultural and religious identities and how we as responsible individuals might overcome this conflict without contributing to it.

An immensely addressed session on Create Your Own Island was conducted by notable speakersShandana Gulzar and Faizan Arafat where they briefed participants that we frequently criticize the situation we find ourselves in and occasionally wish we had the power to make changes. They asked participants to design their own island. Through this simulation, they hope to teach them about global politics, the formation of nations, and the formation and maintenance of alliances during difficult times.

 Maalik Khaskhely conducted the last session of the day on Turning Activism into Action where he briefed that for every nation to grow, it is very crucial that rather than only identifying the problems and issues they must work on solutions. He further discussed how to take personal responsibility and turn activism into action.

The productive day of the conference concluded with Qawali night where participants were seen enjoying the amazing performance of Hamza Akram Qawal before bidding farewell to YLC!

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