Famous Walkman
Image: The verge

Sony’s Walkman W270 Series caught a lot of attention in 2014, mainly because of the creative idea it was promoted in. The waterproof headphones were actually put in water bottles to make imcreaye believability. The idea was so amazing and clutter-breaking that people are still discussing it today.

The headphones did not get enough attention initially in New Zealand and not many people seemed interested in buying them. Considering this, the company put the headphones in water bottles and started selling them in pools and gyms at $99.95. Suddenly, this idea clicked and people started buying them. The headphone sales skyrocketed and Sony was completely sold out by the end of 2015. The company successfully sold 380% more headphones than they anticipated.

These headphones were great for sportsmen, specifically for swimmers who remain underwater. They were designed to work in the presence of water and could work for around an hour underwater.

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