Youngsters Use Thumbs
Image: All Things How

A recent study has revealed that 67% of millennials and 80% of Gen Z (born between 1997-2012) use their thumbs while scrolling on smartphones. On the other hand, almost 73% of baby boomers (aged 59-77) use index fingers on smartphones.

The study further claims that these youngsters intentionally avoid using their fingers on smartphones as they think that they will look like their grandparents while doing so.

The survey was conducted by the makers of the game Candy Crush in which it was found that young people use their thumbs to tap on the screen to avoid being ridiculed in public. More than four Gen Z youngsters out of 10 accepted they felt self-conscious while browsing or playing games on their phones with index fingers in public.

More than 61% of boomers say they would continue using their index finger and would not surrender to societal pressure.

The study supported their choice and mentioned that using the index finger is quicker, easier, and more accurate as compared to thumbs. Gaming experts also believe that using an index finger can save gamers from making wrong moves or typos.

Rhiannon Jones, a renowned trend forecaster says, ‘Each generation is influenced by social and cultural content in which they grow’.

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