The Faisalabad Traders Association has instigated a Rs. 10 billion case against a notable Pakistani YouTuber, alleging that his activities have compelled noteworthy monetary losses to their businesses. The lawsuit centres around viral footage posted by the YouTuber, which intentionally revealed practices of injecting watermelons with sweetened food colour. This video quickly circulated across social media platforms, causing widespread public panic.

Faisalabad Traders Association Files Rs. 10 Billion Lawsuit Against Pakistani YouTuber for Spreading Watermelon Injection Video

After the video’s release, the Association formally filed a complaint at the Ghulam Muhammad Police Station. In their objection, the traders argue that the YouTuber’s statements initiated a mess, leading to a substantial drop in watermelon sales. The vendors dispute that the accusations made in the watermelon injection footage were baseless and have stirred unnecessary distress and damage to their businesses.

As per the traders, the havoc caused by the video led to a surprising decrease in watermelon sales, with monetary losses estimated to be in the billions of rupees. The Association is now asking for Rs. 10 billion in compensation from the YouTuber, terming him liable for the economic damage and misery caused by his exposé.

The traders stress that the YouTuber’s video not only impacted their sales but also impaired their name in the market. They argue that the claims made in the video were fabricated and lacked formal verification, leading to unneeded nervousness among consumers who will think twice before consuming watermelons.

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