2143 Couples Set World Record for Mass Wedding in India

In an unprecedented feat, 2143 couples in Baran, Rajasthan, seized the spotlight as they embarked on a remarkable journey of love and commitment. The grand event, organized by Shri Mahaveer Goshala Kalyan Sansthan, etched its name in history by shattering two world records for the most weddings within a 12-hour span and in a single day.

Previously held by 963 Yemeni couples, these records now stand as a testament to the Indian couples’ determination to make their wedding day extraordinary.

2143 couples get wed at once

The driving force behind this extraordinary endeavor was the trust’s noble objective of providing a helping hand to underprivileged couples in starting their married lives. In the presence of government officials and revered religious leaders, the couples exchanged vows, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with love and togetherness.

As a token of support and blessings, the trust showered the newlyweds with an array of thoughtful gifts, ranging from exquisite jewelry to essential household items.

The Baran wedding extravaganza captivated hearts worldwide, highlighting the power of unity and compassion. It not only showcased the boundless love between couples but also inspired a sense of hope and joy among all those fortunate enough to witness this historic celebration.

As the sun set on this monumental occasion, memories were created, records were broken, and the spirit of love prevailed, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone involved.

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