A Chinese company is offering a Low-Cost home for flood victims

once again China proved that China-Pakistan’s relationship is higher than mountains and deeper than the sea.

After losing billions of dollars due to floods in Pakistan, investors from the neighboring country, China, also came into the field to rehabilitate the victims and offer to manufacture prefabricated houses at its existing plant, which started production in Faisalabad Free-Zone M3IC.

Country Head of China Hanan DR Group in Pakistan, Mr. Zhang while giving details said that a few years ago we invested USD 150 million in Faisalabad Industrial Estate, M3IC, in Pakistan, then now in case of emergency we are now focusing on helping flood victims by building low-cost houses at a price of approx. 1.8 million PKR, while the actual value of one unit is approx. 2.6 to 2.8 million PKR, but the management decided not to earn for the rehabilitation of the flood victims.

Therefore, we request the Government of Pakistan to exempt all kinds of taxes and duties on the import of raw materials for this project from our headquarters in China. The head of the country said that we can prepare two hundred houses every month and more than two thousand houses a year. Each house will consist of two rooms, a kitchen, and a toilet. In addition, we will supply electricity to residents through solar panels. These homes must be soundproof, earthquake-proof, fire-resistant, and have a 50-year structural warranty. These houses will be built as single stories with a covered area of ​​approx. 550 square feet each.

He further said that clean drinking water and playgrounds will also be provided to the residents of every hundred houses and these houses will be state of art in which all the facilities will be available to the residents. Mr. Zhang said that the flood has caused chaos in Pakistan, leaving millions of people homeless, and on this occasion, the immediate rehabilitation of the flood victims is very necessary, for which the Hanan DR Group of China has volunteered to help our brother country, Pakistan.

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