Pakistan’s first Urdu OTT platform is marking another one of its great feat with the launch of a women-led, empowering new web series ‘Aurat Gardi’ which is now available for streaming on the official platform.

Starring Javeria Saud and Alyy Khan in the lead, Aurat Gardi is one of those women-centric stories with enthralling and appealing female characters that bring together the whole plot – with a lot of intensity. The plot centers around the setbacks and evils of the misogynistic society that stoops low to make life harder for the women around them – and how sometimes it just takes one strong voice to unite the oppressed and bring about a change.

Directed by Aayan Hussain and produced by Farhan Gauher, Aurat Gardi also brings together an ensemble cast and gives a new light to a sensitive topic. There are certainly still strides to be made for female empowerment in the entertainment world in Pakistan, but UrduFlix – is taking the lead once again to bring important social issues to light.

UrduFlix – recently launched as Pakistan’s first-ever Urdu OTT platform has upped the game and expectations with brilliant new content, and has kept the surprises coming. The platform has also garnered great feedback from the audiences after multiple series including ‘Lifafa Dayan’, ‘Khudkush Muhabbat’, ‘Dulhan Aur Aik Raat’ have been streaming online. The platform is officially live for download for viewers on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Roku TV.