Former world light-welterweight champion Amir Khan has expressed his deep disappointment following the closure of his boxing academy in Islamabad. Khan, known for his efforts to promote boxing in Pakistan, lamented the lack of support from officials and the government despite his significant investments in the academy.

The academy, inaugurated in 2016 near the Pakistan Sports Complex, aimed to nurture young boxing talent and produce future champions. However, Khan revealed that despite his efforts and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the Director General of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB), the academy had to shut down due to lack of government assistance.

Khan emphasized the urgent need for boxing facilities in Pakistan, citing the enthusiasm among young athletes for training and classes. He disclosed that he had spent over a hundred thousand dollars on the gym, which now remains unused and wasted.

Expressing his frustration, Khan stated,

“My gym was brand new and very clean, but it got shut down. I’m in Pakistan; tomorrow I’m going to England, and I’m very disappointed.”

Despite the setback, Khan remains committed to supporting young boxers and hopes to reopen the academy in the future.

The closure of Khan’s academy signifies a setback for Pakistani boxing and its aspiring athletes. It also reflects broader challenges in sports infrastructure and support in the country. Khan’s disappointment underscores the critical need for sustained investment and government assistance in sports development initiatives, ensuring opportunities for talented athletes to thrive and represent Pakistan on the international stage.

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